Klaudia Popic, founder and event planner of Eventime Agency

„With us, there are no problems, only solutions. I attach a lot of importance to the hands-on mentality. We lend a hand where we are needed, and when things have to move quickly, we provide support in all areas. Sometimes I carry items that weigh more than me, I don’t know how I manage that, but when I’m needed, I function!”

– Klaudia Popić


Warum Germany & Croatia?

“I have consciously specialised in events in these two countries. Because of my Croatian roots and heritage, German and Croatian are part of my culture. I know both countries very well and speak both languages, which allows me to master cultural and linguistic barriers. Both Germany and Croatia shine with their diversity, offering clients stunning event sceneries and different options.”

What makes Croatia a popular event destination?

“It’s the atmosphere. Here you can find everything your heart desires, the Adriatic coast with crystal clear water, beautiful weather, surroundings adorned with olive trees and lavender fields, breathtaking mountain views, countless types of truffles, delicious wines and excellent Mediterranean cuisine. All these elements provide the perfect base for an exuberant and relaxed atmosphere, it’s the exclusive blend of event and vacation experience.”

How is the collaboration with clients and partners?

“I am always very excited to meet new people and hearing their stories. Every planning phase is a process and runs over a longer period of time, so a basis of trust between the clients, my team and me is very important. I am always there for my clients, supporting them and advocating for their wishes. We put a lot of emphasis on polite and respectful interaction, both with clients and partners.“

Do you also offer your service outside these two countries?

“Of course. If the heart of my clients leads me to another country, no way is too far for me. Our clients’ wishes are always our top priority. We have built up a valuable network of professional service providers over the last few years and have colleagues all over the world with whom we enjoy working very closely.”

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